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Immigrating from UAE to Canada for a Job? What You Should Do

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada and are a resident of the United Arab Emirates, it is critical that you apply for a visa before moving. This will ensure that your application is processed in time and gives you more time to find work so that your employer can sponsor you on an ETA (employment temporary worker) visa.

The first step in this process is finding out where there are available jobs in Canada and applying for one of them if possible. You may also want to research other provinces where there is an unemployment rate lower than what exists in other countries as well as places with cheaper housing costs.

Immigrating from UAE to Canada for a Job? What You Should Do

Check your profession’s license requirements in Canada.

If you are a professional in the UAE, it is important to check that your profession’s license requirements are the same as those in Canada. For example, if you work as a medical doctor, it is necessary for you to obtain a license from Health Canada before applying for permanent residency or citizenship. In order to get this license, there are several things that must be done:

  • Take exams which will test knowledge and skills related to working as a medical doctor;
  • Complete courses which will teach how to practice medicine; and
  • Take training programs which will focus on learning new practices or methods related to treating patients correctly.

Check your education qualifications.

When you apply for an immigration visa, you will be asked to provide proof of your education qualifications. This can be done in two ways: by submitting a copy of your diploma or certificate and/or by submitting evidence that the course you took is recognized in Canada as providing entry-level training for certain jobs or occupations.

To get started, check with a university or college about whether it has recognition agreements with other countries such as Canada. You may also want to check if there are any special requirements for obtaining certain types of degrees (such as medical doctorates) or certificates (such as engineering diplomas).

Choose a destination to immigrate.

There are different provinces as well as cities where you could move to in Canada and you’d excel and feel at home. One thing you should have in mind is that different provinces in Canada come with varying weather conditions, climatic changes, as well as job market. What is attainable in one province maybe entirely different in others, hence, the need for thorough research and digging.

Choosing which province and city you would live is a very important step for your immigration dream. Your choice should be made based on which province would offer you more job opportunities based on your profession. Also, it should be based on which place is more conducive for you or/and your family.

Find out what the employers are looking for.

You can find out what the employers are looking for by checking their job description, learning about the company and speaking with people already working there.

You might also want to visit your potential employer’s website or ask them if you can visit their office or factory. You should be able to find information about salary ranges, benefits and location on this site so that you know what kind of package would fit into your budget before applying for an interview.

Write your resume according to Canadian standards.

You should also write your resume using the same format as you would for a Canadian resume. This means that it should be one page long and include the following:

  • Cover letter
  • List of references

You will also want to include any volunteer work you have done, awards or accolades that you’ve received, and any education (i.e., college degree).

Make your visa application a priority.

The first step to immigrating from the United Arab Emirates to Canada is your visa application, which can take up to six months. This process is the most important part of your entire immigration process and should be given priority over other tasks. If you wait until after all other steps are complete to begin working on your visa, then you risk losing out on opportunities because it will have already been too late by then.

The cost of applying for a temporary visitor’s visa varies depending on where in Canada you live ( provinces vs territories) and what type of work permit or study permit options are available at the time when applying for one specific type of application only). However:

  • The average cost per person ranges from $150-$200 USD;
  • There may be additional fees depending upon how many dependents apply together with their spouse/partner; * Some applicants spend thousands just getting ready for their trip overseas so think about whether this makes sense before making any final decisions about whether going ahead with them being able

How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada from the UAE?

The cost of immigrating to Canada from UAE depends on the type of visa you are applying for, family size and the type of employment you want.

If you are looking to apply for a resident or temporary resident visa to live in Canada permanently, then it will cost approximately $10,000 USD ($16K CAD) per person. However, if you are only planning on visiting this country as part of your job search then there is no need to pay extra fees as long as all other requirements have been met such as health checks and criminal background checks etc..

How can I immigrate to Canada with a job?

The first step is to find a job. You can do this by asking for help from your fellow countrymen, who may know of local companies that are hiring or have connections to Canadian employers.

You also need a valid work permit before applying for a visa and starting your new life in Canada. A temporary resident visa (TRV) allows you to work while living in Canada without having any other residency requirements, but only if you have a TRV card and proof that shows your employer has hired you directly through their own website or app instead of using an agency like Manpower Group Canada Inc., which many employers use instead because they offer lower fees than traditional staffing agencies do.


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